Family Fun at CHRISCROSS




Sticking & Gluing at ChriscrossBee'ing Kind! Handmade Tree


The New Year Chriscross session held in January was on great form and saw a good number of families participating in the event. This featured the story from Matthew 21: The Two Sons, where, if you recall, the father invited each son in turn to work in his vineyard. The first responded by saying ‘No way Dad’ (he wanted an easy day!) and the second son said ‘Sure thing Dad’, but although agreeing to help, he did not actually participate at all. Whereas, the first son‘s conscience pricked and he had a change of mind, snipping and weeding and swallowing the odd grape or two!

This story was linked to New Year and our love of making resolutions (which all too often are so hard to keep) and the need to be positive in our lives, making sure that we aim to run our lives with the right approach.

To assist, the children considered good qualities we should be working towards. We had a big bare tree (which was in the care of a large bumble bee - see photographs to follow), to which were applied leaves on which the children had written a chosen quality for us to ‘bee…’, e.g. to bee faithful, to bee well behaved, to bee loving, to bee kind etc. This is now displayed in the hall.

They also made their own take-home leaf, complete with a bumble bee and then they all played a pairs game (using the qualities mentioned above in word and picture form).

Good simple learning but so enjoyed by all that were there.