Updates from Pastor Juan Manuel

We now have 6 groups of children during the week, 107 in total. We have classes from Pre-school to 4th grade. On Sundays we have 2 groups of teenagers, 82 of them. Today we had our weekly time of worship with the children. We do this every week, we sing songs, pray together and have a time of teaching. We have also had a few activities in the last few weeks. Just last friday we had a football tournament with children, teachers and the team. Great afternoon had by all. We also had a basketball match for the team where they played against parents of the school. 

Children In Hall

Latin Link is an international 'community with a calling' to love and serve God and our neighbour, through multi-directional mission work. It includes approx.140 members, from around 20 nations, serving in 15 Country Teams across Latin America and Europe. Latin Link also serves in Britain and Ireland. The team referred to above can be found on Latin Links site   The team have been teaching classes to the children. Bible, P.E., I.T., music, craft and of course English. Should you contemplate joining a Latin Link Team learning Spanish helps even just a little!

Ready for Football & Basketball   

Pictures -  the hall in the rented house which is their school. Classroom given a fresh coat of paint as extremely dark when visited in 2015, for the children to learn. Coco cereal a treat!