School Updates

April 2018 Message from Pastor Juan Manuel

Thank you for the beautiful work that you do so that we can continue working with the children in Alotenango.
I want to share with you that we have managed to help many children, youth and families during the 8 years of work. Thank God and the great help of each of the people who donate through you.
God bless you for this noble work you do from your country. We hope to always have that economic help.

March 2018

Children and young people from the literacy programme. They have never been to school before and are currently learning how to read and write. It is their first year with us. These groups of children, young people and adults attend twice a week to receive teaching


Currently we have 102 young people and older women who come to study on Sundays because they are unable to during the week as they must work. They study from 7am until 5pm here in Hope Life Association.

Dear Friends

Thank you for the work you do for the Association,
God bless you

Pastor Juan Manuel - Founder of the Hope of Life School - Alotenango - Guatemala